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The holiday dining season starts this week with Thanksgiving and a good hostess knows how to make all her guests, both young and old, feel welcome at any festivity.  It’s not simply a matter of serving good food, it’s how you serve that makes for a positive dining experience for your senior loved ones, especially when they may be facing challenges that come with aging. Here are just a few things that can help with making the meal more enjoyable for everyone.

Small Plates – For most seniors, wasting food is distressing and large portions can be overwhelming. Smaller plates are a good solution and allow for a more pleasing and appetizing presentation. Or, just keep in mind when serving your senior loved one, keep portions small. Seconds are always an option.

Glassware – Short stems are OK, but should be sturdy to help seniors handle their beverage with less chance of embarrassing spills.

Coffee Cups – Look for large handled mugs that can accommodate three fingers. No saucers are best for those with tremors; clinking can be distressing plus having to balance cup on saucer can cause instability.

Silverware – Choose good quality utensils that your senior can grip easily and firmly hold.

Food Preparation – Cut meat and other foods in advance of the meal so that your senior loved one is not embarrassed by unwanted but perhaps necessary attention at the table.

Furniture – Seniors should be seated in chairs with arms and no castors for security and stability. Table should be stable and sturdy as well. Also, area rugs can be hazardous as well.

Happy Thanksgiving.