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Multi-generational households have always been a reality. However, with more blended families today than ever before, there are added dimensions to complexities of families.

The extent of the benefit found in this modern shift in family make-up, may not yet be fully understood. There may also be unique benefits to seniors in these households we don’t yet completely understand.

We can, however, say some things with certainty.

First, having more people in the house, or visiting the house, is a big plus for seniors. Keeping your senior loved one engaged has much to do with the ongoing conversations and interactions you can create. Simply seeing more people around, and feeling the energy from different personalities, can be a boost to your senior’s spirits and energy level.

Second, there may also be great benefit to new trends in family diversity. Blended families create new opportunities and incentives to get to know each other more deeply. Being able to discuss backgrounds, events, and perspectives not commonly known, or fully explored, can be a benefit to keeping your senior’s mind active.

The irony is that while divorce, separation, and other circumstances have often put some family members at odds, new situations arising from these occurrences, bringing siblings and relatives from different family settings, together in other households, may be a welcome solution to  additional support your senior needs at home.