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You may have noticed a new trend in retailing. Merchants are focusing on the all-important holiday season earlier and earlier. Thanksgiving Day used to provide the first sign that Christmas was coming. Today, many retailers have been promoting Christmas since the week before Halloween. Does this have your family confused?

“Although this is all for commercial reasons, early recognition of the holidays can be fun for families,” says Mario DeMello, a meeting planner. “I think having three months of the year where there is fun, celebration, and family gathering in the home is good for young and old.”

Mario may have a point.

Many seniors look forward to the holiday season where family is present. You may not be as aware that seniors also love the idea of providing candy for kids during Halloween, and all of the talk about cooking, celebration, and gift-giving, leading up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is a great time to get your senior loved one in an upbeat and positive mood.

Many seniors are lonely and depression can set in, but festive times may make it easier to have a different point of view about life. So, don’t be afraid to get into the spirit, even if it is a little early.