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Smithtown, NY 11787

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If you are thinking about moving to Smithtown, Long Island, then you are not alone. Many people relocate to Smithtown because of the great weather and the diverse culture of the area. But if you aren’t sure what to expect when you arrive, then this guide may help you get started. In addition to exploring the local scene, you can also visit some local businesses that are located in the town. These businesses offer everything from apartments to small businesses and even some restaurants.

Despite its lack of a leader, the group has injected itself into the school board politics of Smithtown, Long Island. It is trying to stir up white grievances about anti-police agendas and racial equity. A few weeks ago, the group circulated a newsletter falsely linking school board members to left-leaning billionaire George Soros. The newsletter, however, is not the only issue.

Smithtown’s history is rich and varied. The Town of Smithtown includes the following: Head of the Harbor, Nissequogue, Village of the Branch, Commack, Fort Salonga, Lake Ronkonkoma, Nesconset, and Smithtown. In 1873, the Smithtown and Port Jefferson Railroad began operations. The railroad extended an existing line from Hicksvill to Northport and Port Jefferson. This railroad eventually merged with the Long Island Railroad Company, North Shore Branch, and was renamed to the Long Island Railroad, Smithtown Port Jefferson.

Smithtown has a small population of approximately 16,000 people. Although the town is sparsely populated, there is still enough crime to pose a threat to residents. Its dispersed population makes it easy for thieves and robbers to target the rich residents of Smithtown. However, police officers are always catching fugitives from the city. And if you are thinking about moving to Smithtown, it may be a good idea to check out the local law enforcement agencies.

Smithtown, NY is one of the best places to live on Long Island. There are a variety of restaurants, coffee shops, and parks throughout the town. Smithtown is also a conservative community. However, if you’re looking for a more liberal environment, you’ll want to look elsewhere. Despite its sparse appearance, Smithtown offers a friendly atmosphere. You’ll have plenty of options for cultural events, but you’ll find many people of mixed ethnicity here.

The Northern State Parkway used to be the only west-east limited-access highway in Smithtown until the Long Island Expressway was built. This parkway now has interchanges from Exit 43 in Commack on the Huntington-Smithtown Town Line to Veterans Memorial Highway in Hauppauge. Extensions further east have been proposed. The dominant parkway in the western Town of Smithtown is the Sunken Meadow State Parkway. The park is immediately after the interchange with NY 25A.

The Town of Smithtown was incorporated in 1751. The town’s first patent was granted to William “Tangier” Smith on March 3, 1665. This patent covered all of the land that is now the Town of Smithtown. It was uncontested on the east side of the Nissequogue River and Edmund Andros confirmed the patent in 1677. Later on, the Town of Huntington was dislodged from its claim of ownership.

What Are Home Companion Services?

What is a home companion service? These services are nonmedical, but still provide essential assistance to individuals in need. These services often include daily tasks such as light housecleaning and meal preparation. Non-medical chores such as laundry or grooming can be assisted by companionship services. Although these services are not medical, they provide a much-needed social outlet for the care recipient. Here are some of the benefits of these services. These are some of the benefits you should consider when considering these services to your loved one.

Local residents living in Smithtown, NY 11787, can choose to have companion care either informal or formal. For seniors who can still perform everyday tasks, friends can help out. Hospices offer paid companion services from a variety of professional groups. Volunteers may run errands or accompany an elderly person to appointments. Other companions may be licensed nurses or social workers. There are many places to find such home care services. You may want to contact your Area Agency on Aging to learn more. You can also find services offered by home care agencies or hospices.

Consider hiring a companion to help you with everyday activities if your loved one has difficulty. If your loved one cannot travel, this service can be a great option. You can spend more time with your family and friends during the holiday season by hiring a home companion. While many seniors feel content with their independence, some need extra help. If you or a loved one lives far away from family or friends, transportation can be a hindrance.

FAQ’s about Home Companion Services

How do Home Companion Services help your loved ones?

Home companion services are a form of senior care in which a caregiver goes to the senior’s home and does some light caregiving. Home companionship is provided by an agency and includes help with housekeeping, preparing meals, organizing medications and tasks such as taking walks.

– Encouraging socialization and engagement through activities.
– Helping clients maintain independence by performing daily living skills.
– Assisting caregiver(s) in managing caregiving including medication management, cooking healthy meals, etc.

What is a Home Companion?

A home companion, or more popularly known as an aide, is someone that helps with housekeeping and other daily tasks like cooking, laundry, medication management and taking walks. Companions can be hired on either a part-time of full-time basis; hourly rates are generally determined by region (i.e. New York City vs small town), agency (home care companies) and the number of hours they work per day/week (8 hours vs 12 hours). Home companionship services are usually provided by organizations that specialize in senior care NYC.

Who can be a Home Companion assistant?

Anyone can apply to be a home care aide; however, it is important that they are compassionate towards senior citizens with special needs who may require extra attention often. Companionship is about engaging the client through activities that promote socialization. For example, companions might take them for walks or engage them in games like rummy or checkers to keep their mind active. They must also have excellent communication skills because many of these seniors live alone and require help with medication management.

Smithtown, New York – Directions to Our Office in Port Jefferson, Long Island

From: Smithtown, NY 11787
To: 425 Old Town Rd, Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

34 min (9.3 miles)
Via NY-25 E and NY-347 E


  • Follow NY-25 E, Smithtown Bypass and NY-347 E to Old Town Rd in Terryville – 22 min (9.0 mi)
  • Head west on W Main St toward Elliott Pl – 0.2 mi
  • Turn left onto Brooksite Dr – 0.1 mi
  • Turn left onto Edgewater Ave – 0.3 mi
  • Turn right onto NY-25 E/W Main St – 1.3 mi
  • Continue straight onto NY-25 E/Jericho Turnpike/E Main St/Middle Country Rd
  • Continue to follow NY-25 E/Jericho Turnpike/Middle Country Rd
  • Pass by Carvel (on the right in 1.2 mi) – 2.0 mi
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Smithtown Bypass – 1.7 mi
  • Continue onto NY-347 E – 3.4 mi
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Old Town Rd, Destination will be on the right – 1 min (0.3 mi)

425 Old Town Rd
Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Home Companion Services – Office Location

425 Old Town Rd
Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Home Companion Services Long Island Location

Additionally for your convenience, here is a map of the Smithtown, NY 11787 business area: