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Rocky Point, NY 11778

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The hamlet of Rocky Point on the North Shore is located in the Town of Brookhaven, Suffolk County. An old historical publication about Long Island states that this settlement was “originally known as Tackapousha after it’s Native American owner.” As stated in History of Long Island by William Wallace Tooker published in 1910, the Native American Tackapousha sold it to John Mulford. Some historians recount that Colonel Mulford received permission from Governor Francis Lovelace, who was General Sir Robert Carr’s son-in-law and governor of New York Province between 1668 and 1673. This transaction took place sometime between 1667 when Colonel Mulford arrived at New Amsterdam (New York City, which was renamed in the early 1600s) and 1668 when he returned to Long Island with his family.

The old Native American name of Tackapousha would evolve into the current name of Rocky Point over time with spelling variations along the way. This article will use “Rocky Point” as its accepted modern spelling. What remains true about Colonel Mulford is that he was a man who had an indelible mark on Long Island’s history and civic development. He was one of four early settlers who were called commissioners or magistrates for their role in early town government (pre-1691) which included Peter Hallock, Giles Nicoll and Richard Nicholls (who would become the first English Governor of New York).

More things have changed in the hamlet’s geographic boundaries since 1910. According to North Shore Patch, a publication which focuses on news and events specifically for this region, “In 1972, an annexation added about 2 square miles from Coram bringing the current Rocky Point land area to just over 3 square miles.” Today, things have also continued to evolve with regard to what can be found here during summer months.


What Are Home Companion Services?

What are home companion services? These services are nonmedical, but still provide essential assistance to individuals in need. These services often include daily tasks such as light housecleaning and meal preparation. Non-medical chores such as laundry or grooming can be assisted by companionship services. Although these services are not medical, they provide a much-needed social outlet for the care recipient. Here are some of the benefits of these services. If you are considering these services for your loved one, consider a few of these benefits.

For residents living in Rocky Point, NY 11778, Companion care can be informal or formal. Friends can be a great support system for seniors who are able to do daily tasks. Many professional associations offer companionship services that hospices pay. The volunteers may help elderly people with their daily activities or take them to medical appointments. Other companions may be licensed nurses or social workers. There are many places to find such home care services. You may want to contact your Area Agency on Aging to learn more. You can also find services offered by home care agencies or hospices.

If you or your loved one is struggling with daily activities, consider hiring a home companion. If your loved one cannot travel, this service can be a great option. You can spend more time with your family and friends during the holiday season by hiring a home companion. Many seniors are happy with their independent lifestyle, but sometimes need additional help. Transport can prove a problem if you live far from your family and friends.

FAQ’s about Home Companion Services

How do Home Companion Services help your loved ones?

Home companion services are a form of senior care in which a caregiver goes to the senior’s home and does some light caregiving. Home companionship is provided by an agency and includes help with housekeeping, preparing meals, organizing medications and tasks such as taking walks.

– Encouraging socialization and engagement through activities.
– Helping clients maintain independence by performing daily living skills.
– Assisting caregiver(s) in managing caregiving including medication management, cooking healthy meals, etc.

What is a Home Companion?

A home companion, or more popularly known as an aide, is someone that helps with housekeeping and other daily tasks like cooking, laundry, medication management and taking walks. Companions can be hired on either a part-time of full-time basis; hourly rates are generally determined by region (i.e. New York City vs small town), agency (home care companies) and the number of hours they work per day/week (8 hours vs 12 hours). Home companionship services are usually provided by organizations that specialize in senior care NYC.

Who can be a Home Companion assistant?

Anyone can apply to be a home care aide; however, it is important that they are compassionate towards senior citizens with special needs who may require extra attention often. Companionship is about engaging the client through activities that promote socialization. For example, companions might take them for walks or engage them in games like rummy or checkers to keep their mind active. They must also have excellent communication skills because many of these seniors live alone and require help with medication management.

Rocky Point, NY 11778 – Directions to Our Office in Port Jefferson, Long Island

From: Rocky Point, NY 11778
To: 425 Old Town Rd, Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

  • 27 min (12.2 miles)
  • Via Canal Rd

Rocky Point, NY 11778

  • Head east on NY-25A E toward Broadway – 0.6 mi
  • Turn left onto Broadway – 0.1 mi
  • Turn left onto N Country Rd – 1.0 mi
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto Rocky Point Yaphank Rd – 2.6 mi
  • Turn right onto Whiskey Rd – 0.9 mi
  • At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on Whiskey Rd – 1.0 mi
  • Turn right onto Canal Rd – 0.3 mi
  • Slight left to stay on Canal Rd – 3.8 mi
  • Use the left 2 lanes to turn left onto NY-347 W – 1.4 mi
  • Continue straight to stay on NY-347 W – 0.1 mi
  • Turn right onto Old Town Rd
  • Destination will be on the right – 0.3 mi425 Old Town Rd

Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Home Companion Services – Office Location

425 Old Town Rd
Setauket- East Setauket, NY 11733

Home Companion Services Long Island Location

Additionally for your convenience, here is a map of the Rocky Point, NY business area: