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Many Brooklyn seniors or those with illnesses or disabilities balk at the thought of an assisted living facility. While they might need some help with daily activities, older adults in the Brooklyn, NY area who do not have serious health conditions have another option – companion care.


What is home companion care?


Companion home care is a service for seniors or anyone in Brooklyn, NY who finds they need some assistance with daily activities, including:

The elderly
Cancer patients
Parkinson’s Disease
Traumatic brain injury
Children and adults with autism
Mobility-challenged or anyone in need of help or companionship

Home care providers allow older adults, the homebound, and the disabled to remain in their own homes and live comfortably and with dignity. Companion services and senior care are personalized according to you or your loved one’s needs, and quality care is available on an hourly, daily, weekly, overnight, or live-in basis. Care plans are customized for each client and improve the quality of life every day.

Home Companion Services Brooklyn
Brooklyn Home Companion Services

What care services are available?


Every client and situation is different, which is why home care / senior care is so versatile. It can be personalized to meet the needs of our diverse aging community here in Brooklyn as well as those with conditions that require them to seek extra assistance.

Companion home care of Brooklyn, NY specializes in tailoring elder care services / services for the disabled, etc. to your needs, allowing you, your spouse, or your mom or dad to live the way they want to live. Caregivers can help with grocery shopping, menu planning, meal preparation, light housekeeping and laundry, errands, transportation to appointments and activities, medication reminders, and more – anything the client needs, even if it’s just companionship and conversation.

Our mission is to provide you or your loved one with a caregiver who is also a friend. Care providers work hard so seniors and others seeking help across Brooklyn know they’re not alone – they always have someone to turn to. Every client is important to us, and we let them know through our compassion and the service we provide.

What are the benefits of companion home care?


Clients can live according to their own schedule, set their own menu, and participate in activities when and if they choose to. Caregivers adjust their schedule to best serve clients, not the other way around, so companion care opens many more options for recreation, hobbies, and visits with friends and family than assisted living facilities.

Comfort and Familiarity:

Because companions come to you, you or your loved ones receive the services they need while surrounded by the home they’ve built and the things they love. Companion home care in Long Island can provide the services necessary to improve the quality of life for older people all over New York.


Our mission is to ensure companion care and senior care in Brooklyn, NY fits into your family member’s lifestyle, and we understand that every situation is different. You, your spouse, your mother or father, or another family member might only need occasional transportation, they might need help with weekly shopping and housekeeping, they might need daily visits, or it could be a combination. Companion care services will work with your family member to come up with a schedule, and we understand that needs can change.

Health and Recovery:

Available information suggests that older people and those with illnesses or injuries who remain at home long term stay physically and mentally fitter. Familiar surroundings have been shown to benefit those experiencing dementia or cognitive decline. Certainly the opportunity to continue favorite activities and visit friends with the help of a home care aide can prevent feelings of isolation, anxiety, and depression.


There is a great deal of evidence that loved ones who stay in their own houses with the aid of home care live longer, happier, and more fulfilling lives. Research and information also points to faster recuperation times in a familiar setting with home care.


The fact is, a caregiver or home care service can cost much less than a nursing home or long term care facility. We understand that price is a consideration for most, and we strive to provide and affordable alternative to elder care facilities. Especially for those who only need service a few times a week or occasional caregiver visits, companion home care can be significantly less expensive.

Brooklyn Home Companion
Home Companion Brooklyn
Brooklyn Home Companions

Is home care right for us?


If you, your spouse, your mom, dad, other seniors, or those with disabilities or mobility challenges in your life are in generally good health, live in Brooklyn, NY, or one of the five boroughs of New York City, we can help you with home senior care services / home care. The only exception is someone who has severe medical conditions and requires in-depth or around-the-clock health care. However, a home care provider can supply you with information and resources for those needing a long term health care plan, and we can put you in touch with skilled nurses and other health care professionals here in Brooklyn.

Contact us today to learn more about our caregivers and services or to discuss care options for you or your loved ones. We are always happy to answer your questions and point you in the right direction.

How are home care services different from home health care?


Companion care assists older adults and the mobility challenged in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and the rest of New York City with daily tasks such as running errands, doing laundry, preparing meals, and so on. Nurses and other health professionals can provide more specialized medical services in the home. If you need further information on medical home care in Long Island, Brooklyn, Queens, or Manhattan, we can provide resources.

Home Companions Brooklyn
Home Care Brooklyn

Are home caregivers the same as home health aides?


While they are not exactly the same, companion home care and home medical care can work as a team. Home care doesn’t generally include medical treatments beyond reminders about medication, while home nurses do not often cook meals, do laundry, and transport a client to an appointment or activity.

What is the next step?


If you’re considering companion care as an alternative to a nursing home for your senior care needs, or as assistance to a person with mobility or cognitive challenges, your next step is to contact us today to discuss your individual situation. There is no “one size fits all” plan – our company mission is to provide personalized care according to the needs and preferences of you or your loved one and other family members. Our service area includes Nassau County, Suffolk County, Brooklyn, Queens, and all of New York City. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have, including those regarding COVID 19 and the precautions we’re taking to protect our caregivers and your loved one.

We are an independently owned and operated company dedicated to the highest standards of customer service and companion care. We will treat your aging mother, father, or other relative like family, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing they are getting the care they need while living the life they want. We are locally based right here in Brooklyn, NY and have a deep investment in the community.

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